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Terralifts are not just a fast and effective solution, but are also relatively inexpensive. After just a few hours of installation, years can be added to your septic system's lifetime. Plus, the installation won't disturb the turf in your yard!

 •  Inexpensive alternative

 •  One day installation

 •  Save you thousands of dollars

 •  Can be done if ground is wet

 •  Does not disturb your turf

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A technological breathrough in soil restoration!

A terralift is the state-of-the-art technology for extending the lifetime of your septic system. It uses a long, narrow probe and a pneumatic hammer that forces air into the soil at a controlled rate. This maintains passages for percolation of liquids away from the trenches.

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Why get a terralift?

What is a terralift?

Trust in a team of highly trained technicians, who have been trusted and recommended since 1960. Get the affordable alternative to adding a new leach field, which can be overly expensive and time consuming.

Get a great bargain!

  • Unclogs your septic system without disturbing your lawn.

  • Performs faster, cleaner and easier than current methods. The work can be done even if the field is wet and you can use your plumbing almost immediately.

  • Reduces your cost, and gives new life to your septic system.

  • Terralift does not use chemicals, and it will not pollute your property.

  • Ideal for use in other areas where water is a problem, such as athletic fields.

Terralift's Advantages

"We were told that we needed a new septic system that would cost over ten thousand dollars. When we heard about

Terralift, at first we were skeptical, but after hearing your warranty, we decided to give it a try. You completed the process in just one day with no mess, and our septic system is now working just fine. "

- Carol Bronson,

Weston, Connecticut

Homeowners Comment on Terralift ™

"Last year, I was faced with clogged septic tank field lines and compacted soil, which was causing raw sewage to

surface in my yard. With the Terralift machine, the sewage problems were solved immediately with no adverse affects to the surrounding turf."

- Bonnie Farnell Brooks,

Mobile, Alabama

" ...Then last year, the rain water again entered our home through our washing machine pipe which would not allow

us to flush our toilets, wash our clothes, etc. The water laid in our backyard like a swamp. We could actually watch

water flow through our yard like a creek which happened about every time we had hard rains.

We decided to have you try the Terralift machine on our backyard. Since the Terralift machine work was performed

last year on our yard, we have not had any problems. The water has not entered into our washing machine pipe nor has it overflowed our septic tank. Our backyard has been able to absorb the hard rains we have received since the work was done. This machine is remarkable. It is a miracle worker and so are you!”

- Cynthia E. Webster,

Madison Heights, Virginia

"I just wanted to let you know of the great results we have had since you blasted around our field lines. We are no longer having any trouble with our septic system, where we were having continuous problems, and thought we would have to have another field installed. Your machine and the blasting procedure really works and also saved us a good bit of money. Thanks again, we are grateful."

- Alan McDonald,

Perrysburg, Ohio

"I am happy to tell you that the Terralift drainage and decompaction services you provided around my leach field last fall had an immediate impact on the flow through the system. To date I have had no further back-ups. I also appreciate that you were able to perform the service for a very reasonable cost and without having to excavate my backyard."

- Paul Tatro,

Easthampton, Massachusetts

Terralift ™ can provide a solution that is fast, effective and relatively inexpensive. In a few hours, years of life can be added to your septic system, without disturbing the turf.


Terralift is a patented system that represents a technological breakthrough in soil restoration. It solves a number of problems with your septic system – including compaction, saturation and improper drainage almost immediately. It does not use chemicals, and will not pollute your property.

Your septic system no longer works properly. Smelly water seeps up on to the lawn above your leach field when you have company, or do the weekly wash. Sewage might even be backing up into your house. The leach field for your septic tank is exhausted, and badly needs to be repaired or rejuvenated.

The Solution

The Problem

The alternative to Terralift is the installation of a new leach field which is expensive and time consuming. Since heavy equipment is used, work cannot be done until the area above the septic system is dry. Then the area has to be dug up, a new system installed, and the soil and landscaping replaced – an operation taking a number of days and costing many thousands of dollars. Terralift, on the other hand, is light enough to be driven on to the leach field and used immediately – even if the system is overflowing, and covered with water. It takes just one day. And you will be able to use your plumbing almost as soon as the operation is complete. It will not disturb your lawn. And it can save you thousands of dollars.

A Bargain for You

Terralift-diagram leach-field

1. THOU SHALT NOT pour greases, fats and oils down any drain!


2. THOU SHALT NOT attach a garbage disposal to your sink for ridding thyself of meat bones, coffee grounds or other foods that are difficult to biodegrade!


3. THOU SHALT NOT dispose of paints or household chemicals in the drain (yea, verily, THOU SHALT use disinfectants in small amounts)!


4. THOU SHALT NOT dispose of any automobile fluids down any drain, be it gas, oil, transmission or brake fluid, grease or antifreeze!


5. THOU SHALT NOT kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic system by rinsing pesticides, herbicides, or and other toxins down the drain!


6. THOU SHALT NOT dispose if any non-biodegradable items in your toilet, be it cigarette butts, disposable diapers, or feminine hygiene products!


7. THOU SHALT NOT let water run while washing dishes and thawing frozen foods and shall consider limiting flushes!


8. THOU SHALT NOT run half loads in the dishwasher or washing machine and shall stagger wash loads (none on the Sabbath then six on Monday)!


9. THOU SHALT NOT use chemicals to clean up your septic system. yea they could harm the septic tank, drainfield or groundwater!


10. THOU SHALT NOT attach clean water sources such as footing or pumps to the septic system!


Adapted with permission from Burkes and Minnis' book,

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems



Terralift™ uses a long, narrow probe and an integral pneumatic hammer to penetrate soil to depths of three to six feet - depending upon the depth of your leach field. It then forces air into the soil at a controllable rate using a special high pressure compressor creating a network of fissures and cracks which breaks up the biomat that has formed on the walls of the trenches and loosens compacted soil in the leach field as shown above.


Terralift adds a new dimension to the process by using a second tank and parallel system that simultaneously allows the injection of air and polystyrene beads into the fissures and cracks that have been opened by the compressed air. This maintains the passages for the percolation of liquids away from the trenches.


Because air tends to follow the path of least resistance, both the air and the pellets will move horizontally and vertically upward through the soil.


The pellets keep air and water passages open to ensure proper leaching and transpiration on a long term basis. The operation is repeated every four feet (depending on soil conditions) around each of the leach field trenches as indicated in the diagram above.

Here is How it Works